DIY Video Tutorials

Check out our lessons library to learn how to market your business on your own or simply to empower yourself to make more informed decisions the next time you hire an online marketer to grow your business.

Implement these lessons and you'll beat 98% of your competition

Digital marketing can be confusing and it's always changing. If you're paying someone to do it for you, how do you even know what you're paying for? We put together these videos to help you as a residential contractor make sense of these strategies so that you can feel confident selling your services online.

Website Optimization

Turn your website into a conversion machine

Competitor Research

How to become the James Bond of Home Remodelers

Website Analytics

If you don't have this in place, you're flying blind

SEO Optimization

SEO strategies made simple

AdWords PPC

Get yourself in front of the people who are looking for you

Blog For Traffic

Content is no longer an option - it is a must

Facebook Advertising

Not your daddy's social media - it's hyper-targeted advertising

Retargeting Warm Leads

The #1 secret to beat your competitors - and no one's doing it...for now

Landing Page Optimization

Do your ads lead to your homepage? Sorry. You're losing money

Testimonials That Sell

How are remodelers not already doing this? It's free!

Side Income Ideas for Home Remodelers

Because why not think about more ways to make money?

Bonus Tips, Tricks & Thoughts

We didn't know how to categorize these